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Residents react to Holyoke drug raid


For the second time in two weeks, Holyoke police laid out guns and drugs taken off the streets, this time arresting nine people for allegedly being part of an oxycodone drug selling ring.

"I really do believe this makes the streets safer. When you interrupt the drug trade, you interrupt violent street crime that goes on on our streets," said Holyoke Police Chief James Neiswanger.

Police say the drug ring operated in Florida, where people would be recruited to buy Oxycodone from clinics there.

The pills would then be brought to Holyoke and distributed, and the money would be put into bank accounts in Massachusetts.

Police raided houses on Oak and Walnut streets in Holyoke in conjunction with raids in Florida and Puerto Rico Thursday morning, seizing guns, Oxycodone and heroin.

One of those arrested, Idalia Morales, was taken into custody from her job at the Kelly School. As far as police know, she hasn't distributed drugs to any students there.

But residents say it doesn't make them feel any better.

"I have a grandchild that goes to a school around here and it concerns me because there's a lot of that stuff going around," said Annette Tardiff, a Holyoke resident.

"Not too good, not too safe. I'm glad they were able to, but somebody else will pick up and do the same thing all over again," said Marlene Rame, a Holyoke resident.

Still, they say they're relieved to see police conducting raids.

"We even hear guns going off here and everything, so I'm glad they're doing something and not ignoring the issue," Tardiff said.

"I'm glad the police are doing what they're doing. They're cracking down on people doing illegal stuff, it's important," said Drew Reardon.

Police in Florida arrested more than 20 people there, and in Puerto Rico, another six were arrested in connection with that drug ring.

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