Editorial: "Lives are depending on it"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We've had 20 people this year murdered in Montgomery because someone else had a choice to make and they chose wrongly. There was a point in these criminals lives when they came to a fork in the road and instead of going to the right and doing right they chose instead of going left and in doing so, doing wrong and inflicting great harm to others.

Sunday of last week marked the 104th day of the year.  Through these first 104 days Montgomery has experience 20 murders, approximately 1 every 5 days.  That's startling, frightening and demands we swiftly get to the root cause of this downward spiral.

This is not a "let's add another 100 extra police officers to the force" problem.  This is as a family issue, a community issue, a societal issue.  Where are the positive role models for the current generation?  Where has our community gone when we have individuals in it who have decided that the lives of another are within their rights to extinguish?

What we need is renewed commitment from everyone (city, law enforcement, churches, schools, business leaders, parents) to attack what is epidemic in nature.  We must come together with fresh thinking and formulate a plan.  We encourage the city leaders to spearhead such a plan and I will commit to you this station will do all we can to put an end to the violence.

Let's have less finger pointing and more "holding of hands" in the coming weeks as we work to identify strategies and programs to reduce and prevent future wrongs.  Lives are depending on it.

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