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Proposed Project to Save Montgomery School System Millions

A report on work to improve efficiency could set the stage for millions in savings for Montgomery Public Schools in the coming years. The information was provided during a called meeting of the Montgomery Public School Board. Superintendent Barbara W. Thompson contracted with a company that is working to improve efficiency and save additional funds by recommending changes in workflow, processes and operational methods.

This work is being done for the Board by Lean Frog – an Alabama firm specializing in helping school systems become more efficient. The company recently worked with Huntsville City Schools improving productivity and saving the school system over $7 million. At this afternoon's meeting the company said MPS could realize savings of between 10 and 12 million dollars annually.  Superintendent Thompson believes this is a key to helping the district better utilize existing resources.

"Lean Frog has a proven track record of helping school systems save money and actually improve productivity by reorganizing departments, implementing improved operational procedures, and using technology to increase workflow," said Superintendent Thompson. "Those saved funds can then be used to add instructional tools and improve the learning environment. That will have a positive impact on student achievement."

The company has begun working with the system in one department and will expand their review to others in the coming weeks.  

"The organization review is a great first step to improving our accountability and save millions of dollars that can be redirected to impact students in many positive ways," added Superintendent Thompson. "We are very excited about the possibilities."

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