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Guest speaker at middle school accused of sexting students


A guest speaker at a local middle school is accused of sending sexually charged texts to teens.

The charge against Garret Winchel, 20, is attempted sexual misconduct. Charging documents indicate he taught two gym classes at a Lee's Summit middle school in the past two months. Winchel's employer at the time said the school was Summit Lakes Middle School.

The charge cites four girls, ages 12 through 14, with whom he'd been texting to ask for nude or semi-nude photos.

Charging documents allege the following:

Winchel posted a photo on Instagram, asking viewers to text their TBH (To Be Honest) rating of him and listed his phone number. From there, the text chat progressed to the sexual. One girl, age 14, called him out, and "...asked Winchel why he wanted nude pictures of 14-year-olds." His response was to ask her where she lived.

Winchel was arrested Wednesday and admitted to both sending the texts and knowing the girls were underaged.

He got the guest spot at the school via a Lee's Summit business called YES (Youth Energy Solutions) Kids' Fitness. The owner said he was sickened by the allegations and fired Winchel the moment they arose. He added that he did a background check on Winchel before hiring and it came through clean.

A school district statement emphasized that "volunteer presenters are supervised by teachers and are not allowed to be alone with students at any time."

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