Editorial: "Being ‘Well' and Being ‘Fair' with Welfare"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Republicans in the Alabama Senate moved swiftly earlier this week to approve legislation providing for drug testing of some welfare recipients.

The individuals that will be tested are those that have been convicted of using illegal drugs in the last five years. These individuals must then take a drug test which is paid for by the state and pending the results, will continue to receive welfare benefits.

If they fail the first test, they get a warning and will be tested again later. If they fail the 2nd time, they lose their share of the welfare benefits, but keep the children's share and will be tested again a third time. If they fail this time around, the children's share is transferred to another person, such as a relative.   Important to note, the children of these parents would never lose their benefits due to the bad decisions of mom and/or dad.

We certainly support any bill that discourages drug use and also levies penalties for continued use.  Our hope is that pending law might just be the thing to get those on welfare and using drugs off of them – for good.

If they don't stop and continue to test positive it should not come as a surprise when the welfare checks end and to be blunt, an arrest for continued illegal activity should follow closely behind.

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