Controlled burn gets out of control, destroys family's home - Montgomery Alabama news.

Controlled burn gets out of control, destroys family's home

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Distress and heartbreak could be seen all over Renee Dolland's tear-stained face as she describes her father's agony of losing his most prized possessions in a forest fire that swept through his back yard.

"He is depressed...very depressed"  

This is cell phone video of the fire from Dolland's brother Clarence. They spoke with News Leader 9, desperately searching for answers.

"I want somebody to take responsibility for it instead of my parents. My parents had nothing to do

"The fire department for Oakland was doing a controlled burn, well their controlled burn got out of control."

The fire destroyed several storage sheds on the Strickland's property filled with working tools, antique porcelain dolls, and even melted the side paneling off of the home.

We reached out to the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department and spoke with fire Chief John Shoemaker.

He declined to speak with us on camera but tells us the burn was requested by neighbors in the area and that the responsibility lies with the county and the property owners requesting this controlled burn.

Several neighboring firefighters had to be called in to help contain the fire. Chief Shoemaker says a permit was requested and received for the fire.

While the investigation continues, the Stricklands say they have yet to be told who is to blame for their parent's loss and if it's safe.

"I want my dad to know that he can leave his house and not have to worry about the house being gone losing everything he's got."

The case remains under investigation by Marion County Officials.

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