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Neighbors rally to save historic home

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An historic home in Capitol Heights was in danger of demolition, under neighbors stepped in to help. Now they face the huge task of restoring its past grandeur.

"This is a jewel in Capitol Heights, and I'm just thankful we're getting a chance to save it," said Cindy Keeping, a part of the Save 1802 Madison Project.

The house has been on the corner of Madison Avenue and Madison Terrace for decades. Now it's obscured by trees and growth.

"It just became too much and it just got out of hand then over time it got to the condition that it's in," said Glenn Donald, with the Save 1802 Madison Project. "It's not intentional, it just became too much."

With only days to spare before a city deadline, the owner came to Cindy Keeping for help. She rallied a group of neighbors to the cause.

"We've raised enough money to purchase the house but it's still a work in progress financing the repairs we're going to have to do," said Rich Anderson, with the project.

"We'll be replacing rotten wood, missing siding, rotten porches, and painting because there's not much paint on this house," said Christy Anderson.

The group expects to close on the house next Friday, and then the real work can be begin. Eventually they hope to find someone to live in the home full-time.

Information about the project can be found on the group's Facebook page and blog.

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