Kirsty Coventry Interview After Winning Gold

Interviewed By Kent Sanderson.

Q: What were you thinking about prior to tonight's race?

"I was thinking about racing to win. For the first time during the Games, I recognized I was at the Olympic Games. I wanted to win a gold medal at the ames so I could hear the Zimbabwe national anthem."

Q: You and Auburn alumni Rowdy Gaines have won Olympic individual gold. How does it feel to be associated with Rowdy in this way?

"I feel honored to be associated in any way with Rowdy Gaines. He visits Auburn for our swim camps and he spoke to us before the Olympic Games. He is a big inspiration to me and my Auburn teammates."

Q: What are your thoughts now since you won 3 Olympic medals?

"I am thinking about my family at home in Zimbabwe, and my Auburn family who helped me achieve my Olympic goals. I am a little overwhelmed by it all, and thankful."