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Kid President has a message for all the moms out there

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Are you familiar with the Kid President? Calling himself "the voice of a generation," Kid President is a YouTube sensation whose first viral video, "A Pep Talk," has been viewed over 10 million times since it was uploaded in October 2012.

Now, he has released a hilarious video for the all the moms out there, just in time for Mother's Day on Sunday. 

Kid President, whose real name is Robby Novak, began as a way to promote Freed-Hardeman University's annual benefit dinner with Condoleeza Rice. Robby helped promote the previous year's dinner with Bob Newhart, only this time, he took on the role of Kid President.

Robby, a 10-year-old from Henderson, TN, was born with Osteogenesis imprefecta, a brittle bone condition. But that hasn't slowed him down. He has over 30 videos on his YouTube channel, which is a collaboration with The Office star Rainn Wilson.

Kid President isn't trying to push a political agenda, though, declaring, "I'm not in a party, I am a party." He has appeared in an ESPN video where he predicts the NCAA basketball tournament winner. He even received an invitation to the White House, where he had an opportunity to meet President Obama

This inspiring 10-year-old's main goal is "to make the world more awesome."

"It is about empowering kids, helping them to have a voice," said Brad Montague, who works for Freed Hardeman, "That's what we hope these videos do too."

Kid President releases new videos on his YouTube channel every week.

On a mobile device? You can view all of Kid President's videos by copying this link into your mobile browser:

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