Belle Meade's "Starsky & Hutch" Crime Fighting Duo

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - They're known as the Starsky and Hutch of the Belle Meade subdivision in Montgomery.

"That's right, you come into the neighborhood. Believe me we have our eyes on you," Belle Meade Neighborhood Association President Michael Jackson said.

Jackson and Ronald Bowers they don't have the muscle car from the 70's, but they are considered detectives in their community; walking around door to door, looking for suspicious activity and identifying what neighbors can add to their homes to ward off a thief.

The duo says their neighbors actually call them.

"And once we get the phone call and they look up, we on them. And it's like, they have to have a good excuse to be in the area," Bowers said.

"Young people out here that's trying to build the neighborhood back up. And we just don't want anybody coming in trying to ruin the neighborhood. And we try to keep the crime down. That's what we got to go back to. And we got to watch everybody's house. Every neighbor got to watch and got to be able to tell the police when they come instead of staying in the house," Jackson said.

And just moments before this interview, the neighborhood detectives say they had to handle a situation involving a troubled teen in the community.

So they are actively involved in keeping commotion and crime down in their community. Bonds has identified over 200 neighborhood associations in Montgomery.

For more information on the bonds program, call 334-625-2207.