Editorial: "Home brewing, at last"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Kudos, or perhaps, cheers to the Alabama Legislature forpassing HB9, the home brewing bill.

Legalized home brewing may not be up there with educationreform or prison funding, but it was overdue.

Home brewing was legalized nationally under the Carteradministration… 1978, and every state in the union had made it legal, exceptfor Alabama… and Mississippi.

Mississippi passed its bill on April 1st, but itwon't be law there until July 1st , so, at least on a technicality,we beat Mississippi.

When Governor Bentley signed HB9 into law on Thursday, homebrewing immediately ceased to be a felony in Alabama.  That's right, afelony.

This legislation has been introduced in Alabama since2009.  It's interesting that just 2 years ago this bill was given theShroud Award, as the deadest bill of the session.  This year it passedwithout a hitch and our governor, although a tee-totaler himself, signed it,seemingly, without reservation.

Congratulations to the thousands of Alabamians who, up tonow, have been living in the shadows, feloniously  making their own beer,wine, mead and cider behind closed doors.    You may now brew legally.

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