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Sheriff: Resident victimized by PayPal Internet scam


Huron County Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson told that last Saturday one of his deputies was dispatched to investigate an internet scam.

On May 11, the deputy went to a Pigeon residence to probe the sale of an automobile on eBay, which was supposed to paid for through a PayPal account, as was indicated on PayPal stationary.

Hanson said the suspect behind the scam apparently convinced the victim to send nearly $2,000 through Western Union to an alleged transportation service for vehicle transportation expenses. These transportation expenses were supposed to be reimbursed with the original payment arranged through PayPal.

Once the $2,000 was taken delivery from Western Union, the victim lost all contact with the suspect. As it turned out, the victim contacted PayPal and was advised the account was bogus. Western Union further advised they had no way of telling where the transportation money had been received.

"In this incident, some warning signs were taken for granted because internet buying and selling have become a common practice," said Hanson in a news release on Wednesday. "The victim was led to believe the buyer was on a work contract where phone signal wasn't possible and internet was the only way of communication. Plus, the purchase was for a family member with a fast approaching birthday and PayPal was guaranteeing the payment."

Hanson said more verification into the validity of the buyer should have been done.

"Although some may argue, there is no completely safe way to sell or buy online unless the sale is completed face to face, represented by proper documentation and paid for in cash," said Hansen. "Always be leery of entering into a sale transaction where you have to send or pay money to complete it."

Hanson said the victim was fortunate not to be scammed out the automobile, which is valued over $35,000.00.

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