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Legislature overrides Gov. Bentley's veto on Accountability Act


The Alabama Legislature Monday rejected Governor Robert Bentley's proposed changes to the controversial Alabama Accountability Act, instead overriding his veto and executive amendment by a 19-15 margin.

"History will tell whether we were successful or not..." said Sen. Del Marsh (R - Anniston). "It's worked in other states."

With the Republican-held majority overriding the Republican governor's veto, the Accountability Act will now become law with signature.

Republicans in the Alabama House of Representatives voted Monday afternoon 57-10 to reject the Governor's proposed two year delay on tax credits for families of children in failing schools to leave to attend better public or private schools.

"I don't want to delay getting children out of failing schools," Rep. Chad Fincher said. Fincher, R - Semmes, sponsored the original Alabama Accountability Accountability.

Alabama's Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Hubbard, said earlier Monday that he would not support the Governor's executive amendment.

Gov. Robert Bentley announced his proposed change last week saying the state needed more time to pay back the Alabama Trust Fund money borrowed several years ago to balance the education budget.

In a statement, Gov. Bentley denounced the Alabama House's move.

"House members made a mistake by rejecting this executive amendment" Gov. Bentley said.

The governor said he was unhappy with the legislature's decision to reduce the amount of money spent to repay the state's "rainy day" fund, from his recommended $100 million to $35 million. Lawmakers set aside $40 million to pay for the tax credits provided in HB84.

Gov. Bentley said, "My first responsibility is to the people of this state, and I believe the majority of the people support this executive amendment."

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