Woman Attacked During Home Invasion

Malissa Valdes
Malissa Valdes

It is pretty usual for Malissa Valdes and her boyfriend to enjoy Saturdays outside. However, the big gash on her forehead, and the broken bits of glass outside the Prattville house where she grew up, tell you it is not a normal day. Valdes says, "Around 5:00 to 6:00 a.m., I thought one of my brothers had come into my room to wake me up or say something to me or ask me a question."

Seconds later Valdes would realize it was not her brother. She adds, "He was at the edge of the bed and he actually scooted behind the door. And he stood there really quietly and it was really scary because I thought maybe he was going to close the door and both of us be in the room with the door closed. But he stood there for just a second and I said, 'what are you doing? What are you doing?' And was really scared at that point. And then I saw him come toward me."

Valdes says the stranger came toward her with a tool which she thinks he stole from her family's shed. Then she says he hit her on the head, and adds, "It was so bloody. I was covered in blood. There was blood cracked in my hair. Blood splattered all over my shirt. There was blood all through the kitchen floor." Valdes says Prattville police took a piece of tile off the floor as evidence.

Eventually, Valdes' brother ended up chasing the intruder away, but she worries that he might not be gone. "I really have no idea who it was, which is really scary 'cause you don't know who it was or if they're going to be caught and you don't know if they're going to come back," Valdes says.

Valdes' story hits home for many at WSFA 12 because she is an employee at the television station. If you think you can help find the man who did this, you're asked to call Prattville police at 334-361-3671.  Despite everything that has happened Valdes says she plans to be back working in WSFA's promotions department on Monday.

Reporter: Matthew Simon