Auburn Sunday Practice Report

AUBURN* With less than a week left before the season opener, Auburn finally received the hot, humid day that is customary for the Deep South in August.    Head coach Tommy Tuberville said that the effects of the conditions were obvious on the team as the Tigers participated in a two-hour workout on the practice fields.

"It was hot out there today.  It was a struggle for a while because we had a lot of contact, but the players pushed through it," said Tuberville.  " It was a pretty spirited practice until about the fourth or fifth period and then the bear got our backs.  We've got to hope we have enough players to play at this level.  The weather has not cooperated getting them prepared for these type of conditions."

Auburn dedicated part of the session to blitz period and Tuberville said he was pleased with how the drill went. 

"We covered most of the blitz today against each other.  It was pretty much even.  I was proud of our offense.  That's definitely a defensive drill.  We set the chains at third-and-five and see how many times the offense can make a first down.  You hope to get 50-60 percent and that's what it was today.

"I was really pleased with the quarterbacks and how they're adjusting to blitz.  We're going to see a lot of it this year with eight-man fronts and teams bringing people off the corner.  Our protections are looking good."

Auburn will take Monday off before returning to the practice fields Tuesday.  The Tigers open the season Sept. 4 against Louisiana-Monroe at Jordan-Hare Stadium at 1:30 p.m. 

Pay-per-view will be available in the states of Alabama and Louisiana to cable subscribers and small dish owners who subscribe to Dish Network and Direct TV.  Fans should contact their local cable provider or small dish provider to order the game.  Other home dish owners should contact 1-800-TV-STARS to order the game.  Commercial establishments should contact their local cable company or dial 1-800-TV-STARS for feed information.