Editorial: "Respect your Elders"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Anyone who takes advantage of one of Alabama's most treasured assets – the elderly – should face swift and steep consequences.  Thanks to a bill passed in the final hours of most recent legislative session that will be the case.

This bill does the following: strengthen the penalties in financial exploitation cases, classify an elder as anyone over 60 years of age regardless of mental competency and explicitly makes abuse of power of attorney a crime.

All too often, those entrusted with the finances and the well being of these senior citizens use this authority for their own personal gain; not in this state says Alabama leaders, the exploitation of senior citizens in our state will be met with direct and painful consequences including escalating fines, felony charges and prison time.

So let it be known, if you take advantage of anyone's finances over the age of 60 in Alabama from this day forward law enforcement is coming after you with a law on the books with teeth to bite back.

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