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Lawnmower accident takes man's toe, but not his passion for running


Everyone hates hearing the teeth-gritting sound as you run over twigs or rocks while mowing. For one man that sound came from his foot.

Patrick Wright, an avid runner, slipped and his foot went right under the mower.

"I was out mowing the lawn and it was spring, a pretty nice day. We've got a pretty steep ditch along the road bank and I was just lowering the lawnmower just kinda pulling it up," Wright said.

Wright limped into his house and dialed 911 while in shock from his slicing up his right foot and severing his big toe. When emergency crews arrived they found his toe and put it on ice, but doctors didn't attempt to re-attach it because of concerns of infection.

Putting your feet to the pavement is necessary for a former cross-country and track runner and now Wright feared that might never happen again.

"I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to run again or if it would be the same," Wright said.

A long road lay ahead of Wright, but it was a road he was determined to run. Doctors at North Kansas City Hospital introduced Wright to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber where he would spend two hours a day for seven weeks. The chamber is used for patients whose wounds don't heal as fast.

"The whole body is super saturated with 100 percent oxygen under pressure and that's why you have the vessel that the patient's in," NKC Medical Director Dr. Karl Stark said.

Multiple surgeries, physical therapy and hours and hours spent in the hyperbaric chamber later, Wright began to walk. A year after the accident he is running again and recently finished his first 5K run post-accident.

Wright had a support system and never gave up hope that he would one day return to running.

"But just knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That you will heal up and my family and friends they were a great support and my church family. I just have faith in God knowing that you can do anything through him and with good support."

Patrick and his wife have a 2-month-old son that he says he can't wait to go outside and play with.

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