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Violence breaks out at mayor's teen party


Violence broke out at Mayor Sly James' Rock the Block teenage party.

Several fights erupted at the event prompting the mayor's office to shut the party down early.

Cell phone video captured at least one of the fights. Two young girls could also be seen in handcuffs on the sidewalk outside the event.

Earlier, James said the event was about fun, but also safety, with a strong message to the teens about gun violence.

"We're never going to be effective at reducing violence as long as guns are as easy to get as credit cards through the mail, and they're almost that easy," James said."

James came up with the idea for events like this 4 years ago. It was an effort to keep thousands of kids active and off the streets after mobs of teens descended on the Country Club Plaza, wreaking havoc.

The parents we spoke with said they like the concept.

"We need that in KC because there's a lot of kids out here committing crimes doing a lot of things they shouldn't be doing. I feel they need to keep them busy," said Kenya Turner.

Dewanna O'Guinn is with the group Mothers in Charge. O'Guin said there need to be alternatives like Rock the Block for KC teens.

"I will not be run out of the city where I pay taxes and where I work," O'Guin said. "There are still good people that support the community and I love being here with my grandchildren."

The high school-aged event at the Brush Creek Community Center, located at 3801 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., was packed for the second night in a row. 

Last summer, the city said it had 7,500 teens utilize the recreation centers. This summer, they expect the number to swell to 10,000.

Mayor's Nights run through the summer and are offered as a safe and fun event for Kansas City youth.

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