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Civilian worker for Maxwell AFB speaks out about furloughs


Maxwell Air Force base civilian worker who we will call "W." says he knew the furlough days were coming, but didn't realize it would be this soon.

"It really causes you pause and think about what am I going to do next? What am I going to do now?" W. questioned.

"W." doesn't want to show his face or reveal his name but says he's been employed at Maxwell Air Force base for three years, part-time.

He received his letter from the Department of Defense Wednesday afternoon, alerting him the cuts.

"If I run into a financial hardship, where will I go? Can I draw unemployment for that length of time for those furlough days? You know, there are a lot of unanswered questions," W. said.

The letter says the furlough days will be prorated for part-time employees based on their work schedule.

W. says he is only getting 20 hours a week. It states full-time employees will be furloughed for no more than 11 days.

"Nowadays most people have two full time jobs, or one full time and one part-time job and that part-time job is there to supplement or make up the difference from what the full-time doesn't pay," W. said.

The furloughs will begin no earlier than July 8th and end around September 30th.

The letter goes on to say due to the uncertainty and potentially fluctuating amount of funding, the number of hours per pay period required for the furlough may vary.

"I don't think the federal government themselves or the administration knows exactly how long is how long and that's the scary part, the not knowing," W. said.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says he received new information from Maxwell Air Force base commanders about their furlough plan. Strange says he was told that each unit will make the decision about how they will handle the furlough. He says most are looking at every Friday off for the remainder of the fiscal year.

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