Editorial: "Save Our Seniors"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If your job was to promote healthy living and lifestyles of seniors living in Alabama - it just got a whole lot harder.  A study by the United Health Foundation just announced its first American's Health Ranking Senior Report and Alabama's overall ranking was near the bottom - 44th out of 50 states to be exact.

Unfortunately, that's not the only sobering senior ranking for our state - obesity (39th), smoking (38th), diabetes (29th) and physical inactivity (44th). It should come as no surprise that all of the before-mentioned issues are interrelated and all need to be addressed individually and collectively to improve Alabama's health in general.

Attacking the problem at the senior level is like trying to convince your grandfather that has been driving a Cadillac for 50 years to suddenly try a Volvo - likely not a high success rate.

Alabama needs to attack this epidemic at a much younger age before habits are formed and turn those unhealthy traits into lifelong healthy activities for all ages.

"Doing little" got Alabama seniors into this life threatening condition and near countrywide low ranking for health. It's time Alabama leaders do something to turn this epidemic around.  Increase taxes on cigarettes to discourage use, promote healthy cooking, sponsor local, regional and statewide activities and lastly highlight the life and quality years more of living it if Alabamians focused more on living a healthy lifestyle.

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