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Fence thieves hitting youth fields in Selma

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"It can't continue because it becomes unsafe," Selma City Parks Director Elton Reece said.

Reece says for the last six months thieves in Selma have been stealing fencing. It's a crime that has him scratching his head.

"They come in here late at night,early morning hours and they take these top rails. It's easy just to clip these wires and take these 10 foot sections down and then they take those and then they come in here and 30 minutes are so, they can remove 15 or 20 of these, load them on the back of a truck and be gone with them. What they do with them, I have no idea. I really don't think they sell them here in town. I think they take them out of town to sell them," Reece said.

Reece says there are seven elementary schools in Selma with fields. Someone or a group of people have been hitting the Sam O. Foster, Sr. field at Edgewood elementary hard.

"People have graduated and have gotten about all the cooper they can get our things and so they started on heavy metal and it's just accessible and easy to get and sells quick," Reece said.

Reece says the fields are used for physical education classes during school and community baseball practice and games.

"They take the 6 foot poles, so somebody's making a profit," Reece said.

It will cost the city $25,000 to repair all the fencing at the fields, money Reece says they don't have.

"It just really hurts the city," Reece said.

Selma Police Chief William Riley believes that these thieves are literally selling these fences in it's entirety, meaning they are not melting it down. He says if you've seen something unusual, like someone riding around with fencing trying to sell it, please alert police. If you can provide any information, please call the Selma police dispatch at 334-874-6611.

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