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6 puppies reunited with mother after house fire

Six puppies, feared dead in a house fire, are reunited with their mother after concerned neighbors went in search of them.

The home is on Highland Avenue on Brindlee Mountain, and it went up in flames last week. The home was vacant, but a mother dog and her pups were living in a small barn behind the home.

Bettye Hackett lives across the street from the burned out home and took the mother in.

After firefighters couldn't find the puppies, she and her grandson noticed the mother kept going back into the barn, and that's where they found the puppies underneath a floorboard of the barn.

"She was the one who saved them. She put them in a safe place underneath the floor way back in the dirt and that is probably what kept the smoke from getting to them," said Hackett.

A New Leash on Life is now looking for a foster home to take in the mother and her babies.

If you can give them a home, visit their website, call 256-489-7387, or email pets@anewleash.org.

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