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Tuskegee man files patent infringement suit against Redbox


A court hearing is set next month in a federal civil case involving a Tuskegee man and a major video rental company. James Satchell, Jr. claims Redbox infringed on a patent he secured more than a decade ago.

"Any vending machine that dispenses physical items and transactions using swipe cards, over the Internet are basically infringing on the patent," said James Satchell, whose father, James Satchell, Jr., filed the patent.

Satchell first received the patent in 1998, and it was reissued just last year. 

"The way my dad came up with the idea he was a musician or as my dad says a failed musician and he was trying to get his music out there," James Satchell said.

Later, he discovered a company - Redbox - had taken his idea to market.

"The revenues weren't coming to him, but he was excited to see something that he brainchild, something that came out his mind was sellable and people liked it."

But Satchell retained an attorney, and last month filed suit in federal court, seeking royalties and demanding Redbox stop infringing on the patent.

WSFA 12 News reached out to Redbox, but have not received a response. According to court documents, the company has until July 9th to respond to Satchell's claims. A status hearing is set for July 17th.

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