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KCK police officers come together to help ailing city worker


Police officers in KCK are going above and beyond the call of duty to help a code inspector get the medical equipment he needs to be able to walk normally.

Tacos are being sold at a benefit at the KCK Fraternal Order of Police Lodge to help raise funds. A silent auction was also scheduled.

Bob Laubsch needs special equipment to help him walk, but his insurance won't pay for it. Laubsch has worked as a KCK code enforcement officer for 14 years. This has included him walking neighborhood streets conducting inspections, which has brought him into close contact with police officers.

He was diagnosed five years ago with multiple sclerosis, and walking has become a challenge. He said he has to be extra careful because he struggles to get his right foot to cooperate, especially when mounting steps.

A device called the Ness-L300, which snaps below the knee, has been a life-changer, he said.

"It gives an electrical charge to the foot," he said. "It stimulates the nerves and muscles and calf of your leg to help it with normal movement."

The device has worked in therapy, but his insurance considers it experimental and won't cover it long term.

Officer Paula Vallejo wanted to help raise the $4,000 for him to be able to purchase it.

"I just wanted to do what I could to help him and assist him in keeping his job because I love working with him," she explained. "I just think people need to stop thinking of themselves only and look outside the box to help a neighbor."

The code inspector is gratified and overwhelmed by the support.

"Thank you very much because without this happening I saw no chance of ever getting that device," he said. "Paula's an angel."

The event was decorated with red, white and blue because organizers raise enough money then Laubsch can keep his freedom.

The taco dinner runs until 10 p.m. Friday at 78th Street and Leavenworth Road.

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