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AL school system joins NRA pilot program

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The Franklin County School system will join the NRA in a program to help better protect students and staff. This comes on the heels of lawmakers passing a bill to allow armed volunteers in Franklin County and Russellville City Schools.

The Franklin County School Board voted 4-0 to enroll in the NRA's School Shield Program.

The NRA will work with the Franklin County Sheriff's Department providing the necessary training for selected volunteers who will be armed inside the schools.

The NRA will provide training on gun safety and handling, they will also provide specialized training for handling emergency situations.

It's a move school board superintendent Gary Williams said is necessary to provide adequate safety for county schools.

"It's a great feeling to know now that we're going to have something put into place, this is my fear when an intruder  comes in the school and a child is down in the classroom with their head between their knees wondering who's going to help me, with this program and our volunteers we will have somebody in that school that can help they won't be helpless anymore," said Williams.

Franklin County Schools will be the first district in Alabama and one of the first schools across the nation to partner with the NRA in this program.

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