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Synthetic drugs being delivered to teenagers home

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Walbridge police chief says it's happening more than you think in neighborhoods just like this one. Juveniles getting synthetic marijuana delivered right to their front door.

According to police more teens are getting their hands on the synthetic drug. It's marketed as a safe legal alternative to the real deal, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

"Why somebody would want to ingest a chemical is beyond me, but this is supposedly to have the same effects at the THC in marijuana," says Walbridge Police Chief Kenneth Frost.

Police say one cause for the rise in teen possession, parents who don't know how to spot the drug.

"A lot of parents are actually running into this with their youth not knowing what it is thinking it's something completely harmless because of the way it's packaged as an incense product not a smoking product," says Frost.

Parents say that is no excuse.

"Kids are ordering things off line and the parents not really monitoring their purchases and how they're able to come across these things so easily," said parent David Johnson.  "Maybe the parents need to  and keeping track of what their purchasing online."

 The police chief says his goal is to educate parents before tragedy strikes.

"Hopefully we can curb this problem before somebody gets seriously injured."

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