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Girl football player ousted from team for upcoming school year


A 12-year-old girl and her parents told CBS Atlanta News that the rules have changed when it comes to her for the upcoming football season.

They said Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove has decided that Maddy Paige shouldn't play on the all boys team.

"My husband got the call and head coach said that, 'Maddy would no longer be allowed to play. This was above his head and he did everything he could to get her on the team,'" said Cassy Blythe.

The news of being ousted from the roster came as a shock to the defensive tackle and football fanatic. 

"In defensive tackle position, you go straight for the quarterback," said Maddy.

Maddy was allowed to play with the boys last year.

"It was really fun because they were really supportive. And they accepted me even though I was a girl," said Maddy.

The family was so bothered by the decision that they started a Facebook page titled "Let Her Play." While it had more that 500 likes, it had more than 1,000 hits in just the first two days.

"My girl can handle herself. I've seen girls in the military. I've seen fellow female police officers who went out there and they busted tail and they were just a as good and if not better in some aspects," said Blythe.

Given Maddy's passion and love for the sport and the team aspect of the game, her parents hope the school will reconsider its decision.

"I think of the fun times we had practicing and making my first sack on the quarterback. And me and the guys just laughing every time at practice when somebody made a really funny joke," said Maddy.

CBS Atlanta News reached out to the school to find out why Maddy was removed from the team, but we have not received a reply yet.

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