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Family wants justice for Good Samaritan killed

Earl Loury (Source: Facebook) Earl Loury (Source: Facebook)

Two words describe how they feel...wrong and anger.  Earl Loury died doing a good thing... His family says the ruling is adding insult to injury.   "I am my brother's keeper and I will see that justice is done."  Jesse Loury is Earl Loury's big brother.  Earl was the Good Samaritan killed back on May 30 on I-90 when he tired to help a stranded mother's car out of dangerous traffic.  He was hit and killed by a man driving a truck.  "The police report, it holds him responsible saying he failed to maintain a safe distance and failed to control his vehicle.  But yet and still, there's absolutely nothing being done about it." 

Jesse calls the no charges being filed against that driver wrong and he says it outrages him.  "Though we all believe in our hearts, we truly believe it was an accident, but someone has to be held responsible for that."  Jesse says it looks like a case of "no good deed goes unpunished."  "And I really, truly believe that the prosecutors think that we're going to just go away and just let it go.  That is not going to happen."  He says some have tried to pin Earl's death on the stranded mother who's car stalled in traffic.  "She wasn't driving the truck that struck and killed him." 

Earl's daughter Dominique Acoff agrees.  "He needs justice and we're here to give it to him.  When 19 Action News Reporter Harry Boomer asked how she felt when she heard that no charges were going to be filed, Dominique said, "That was like the worst thing I heard.  I just felt anger.  I was sad because I lost my father."   Losing a loved one in an untimely manner is hard.  That's one reason why Earl Loury's family is vowing to keep his name and his memory alive until justice prevails.  

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