Editorial: "Viewer Feedback"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In response to our editorial suggesting that Governor Bentley expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act,

Robert wrote:

"Many critics are saying that it is only good for the states in the short term. In the long term, when all the feds "chickens come home to roost" because of all the unsustainable budgetary commitments made to date, then the fed's share of Medicaid will very likely get shifted to the states."

While Tony wrote:

"I 100% agree with you!  If they expand the program right here in this state it will also create 15,000 jobs for Alabama!  So to not implement it is insane and of unsound judgment!"

To our editorial suggesting that Alabama do something to address our low senior health rating, including increasing taxes on cigarettes,

Joseph wrote:

"I'm one of those seniors and nobody, but nobody, put me in the shape I'm in except myself. Since it was my fault to start with, it is up to me to change it. And, no, I don't want the government intruding any more into my life."

To our editorial suggesting that Alabama change the blood alcohol content level constituting drunk driving,

one viewer wrote:

"You would make criminals of responsible drinkers and do very little to change the amount of deaths from drunk driving, the vast majority of which are caused by very inebriated drivers, not 110-lb women who had a glass of white wine at a restaurant."

As always we appreciate your feedback.

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