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East Texas hosts special camp for kids with asthma

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Sunday night, kids arrived at a special summer camp in East Texas geared toward kids with asthma.

"This provides an environment where kids can be safe and have a lot of fun," said Jim Stock, the medical director at the Texas Asthma Camp for Kids.

The Texas Asthma Camp for Kids is a camp that allows the kids to just be kids, and not be restricted by their disease.

At asthma camp, kids with asthma participate in typical summer camp activities, like swimming, basketball and even archery.

"We want them to go out and do everything that any kid can do, whether it be during the summer time or during school time," said Stock.

Jordynn Washington has been coming to the camp for three years and is glad to spend time with kids he can relate to.

"I've met a lot of friends here and they have the same thing as me. It's fun to know that I'm not the only one that has asthma and it's a really fun experience," said Washington.

The counselors also incorporate fun games to help the kids learn about their asthma.

"Well, we try to sneak the education in. We try to make it seamless, hidden and fun. So the games will sometimes center around learning about asthma, so we play, for example, a Wheel of Fortune game that we call Wheel of Asthma," said Stock.

These educational games are proving to be beneficial for the kids

"Before I came here I had asthma attacks every few months. So it taught me how to keep it under control and keep it to where I don't have to go to the hospital or be sick," said Washington.

It's an experience these kids will never forget, says Barrington Hunter, who was a camper last year and is now a part of the camp staff.

"My parents made me come when I was a kid, but when I got here, I didn't want to leave. It's just so fun. You get to learn about your asthma and what it does to you, your triggers and how to control it and it's just very good for a kid. And then you get to have fun and meet new people," said Hunter.

The counselors at the camp are all medical professionals or Tyler Junior College respiratory therapy students.

The camp is an overnight retreat at Lake Tyler, where the kids will be staying for the rest of the week. 

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