Snowden Still on the Run, Councilman Talks about Rape Charges against Grandsons, Officer Forced to Shoot K9 partner

Good morning.  Here's what's coming up on Today in Alabama.

The man who confessed to leaking sensitive information about US government programs is still on the run.   Nobody seems to know for sure where Edward Snowden is.  He's accused of espionage and US officials want him back here to face charges.   He was last seen in Moscow, Russia, but has applied for asylum in Ecuador.

An Auburn city councilman is talking about a case involving his grandsons and rape charges.  Jywan Moss and Drekian Dowdell are accused of raping a juvenile.   Councilman Arthur Dowdell says the incident happened while he and his wife were away on a church trip.  He does not think his grandsons committed a crime.  Both suspects are still in jail.

A sad story out of North Alabama, a Hanceville police officer was seriously injured when his K9 partner attacked him.  It happened during a training exercise.  Police say the dog bit the man's leg and then went after his head.  The officer was forced to shoot and kill the dog.

Judd Davis

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