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Mother kept daughter on live during SWAT situation via smart phones

Judy Frazier Judy Frazier
Ashley Mitchell Ashley Mitchell

SELLERSBURG, IN (WAVE) - Investigators were on the scene Tuesday after the all day standoff on Delaware Court a day before that left a police K-9 dead and another police officer wounded in the knee.

The standoff happened at a home where police say suspect Josh Priddy broke in and hid inside for hours. The home has bullet holes through the wall and every window is shattered.  The woman who lives across the street from that home actually helped police keep tabs on the standoff situation.

From a Sellersburg SWAT scene to a Louisville office.

"There's a police officer in our bedroom with a gun out the window," said Judy Frazier to her daughter Ashley Mitchell via Face-time on their smart phones.

Ashley replied in the recorded conversation, "Mom, I understand."  Frazier explained, "A SWAT member came into our home and went straight into the bedroom."  The officer needed Frazier's bedroom window because alleged gunman Josh Priddy was holed up right across the street.

Frazier put her own phone in another window to record. From the gunshots to attempts to get Priddy to surrender Mitchell watched it all unfold along with her mother.

"I was shocked," Mitchell said as the camera rolled on the situation, "I couldn't believe what was happening because it's such a quiet neighborhood."

Mitchell's parents were already going through a hard time. Her dad had just been in a bad accident. "A woman who was drinking and driving ran into my dad and broke his neck," she said.

Frazier told her daughter everything would be ok even as sad details were coming to her.   "Right after the robot was shot," Frazier recalled, "you heard a commotion like they didn't even realize a police officer had been shot and the second they did, the other police officers came moving in."

With SWAT members outside her back door, Frazier brought them food and water as the hours dragged on and her daughter agonized.

"That was nerve racking," Mitchell said.  As scary as it was, Frazier was amazed by the professional way police handled the situation. "Even though a police officer of theirs had been shot," she recalled, "they were still trying to take this man alive and in the end of course they did."  "They did a very thorough wonderful job," Frazier said, " I was proud of them, to say they were from my community."

The mother and daughter said they feel bad for everyone involved in the situation including their neighbors across the street whose home is now a complete mess. They hope with the help of police and homeowners insurance they will be taken care of.

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