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Up, up, and away: 150 Troy kids learn from a space balloon experiment


The Troy Parks and Recreation Department is holding its annual summer daycare, a way of helping to keep kids' minds active during the summertime.

Wednesday was all about balloons, but not just any old balloons. Each child got to release their own special balloon, along with a weather balloon that has attached cameras to monitor how far they will travel.

Dan Smith with the Parks/Rec. Dept. says the project is two-part with the first phase including more than 150 children ranging from 5 to 12 years in age.

Smith says each child's balloon has an attached card that tells the person who ultimately finds it about the child's project. It includes an email address and asks the find to contact the department with information about where the balloon was found!

The plan is to use some of the locations that will be emailed back as a way of teaching the kids about geography, wind direction and other things.

Smith says the second part of the project deals with the weather balloon, which will reach an altitude of more than 100,000 feet. Two cameras will record the balloons' trip. When it finally pops, a parachute will help bring the cameras back to the ground. Then, using a GSP tracking device, officials will recover the cameras.

The cameras should give the children an awesome, high definition view of Earth from the edge of space.

This is the third year the city has put on the summer camp.

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