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Court documents reveal teen's obsession with weapons


More information is being learned about a teenager from East Windsor who police said made threats to his school and even referenced the Sandy Hook shooting.

Kyle Bass is accused of making threats to his East Windsor community and also to the Metropolitan Learning Center in Bloomfield.

Among other things, the court documents reveal he was planning an end of the year prank and said he wanted to make sure the school would remember him.

Bass has been charged with trying to construct bombs and possessing illegal firearms and, according to those court documents, the accusations came from a priest.

The affidavit describes a close relationship between Bass and Father Paul Gotta of Saint Phillip and Catherine Catholic Church. The two even went shooting together on a farm. But that relationship went sour this past spring.

Gotta said Bass told him, "You should bring your gun with you when you walk your dog. You never know when someone will jump out of the bushes and shoot you or the dog."

After Gotta said he found bullets on his doorstep, he told police he feared for his and the public's safety.

He said Bass was obsessed with making homemade weapons and explosives, showed him how to make a silencer for a rifle and said the Sandy Hook school shooting could have been better executed.

He also talked about the Boston Marathon bombing saying, "There were smaller and better things you could make than a pressure cooker bomb."

"Kyle also became very interested in Russia and expressed an interest in moving to Russia to 'start fresh,'" according to the documents.

When police searched his home earlier this month, they said they found shotguns, rifles, more than a dozen large military-style ammunition cases and the makings for silencers, smoke bombs and other explosives.

Bass later told police he was planning a prank for school but said it wasn't going to be violent.

He's due in court next Thursday.

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