Editorial: "Words Matter"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's almost impossible to escape the drama surrounding Paula Deen this week.  Unless you've been on an isolated island, you are well aware of her acknowledgement under oath that she has used the "n" word before.

The subsequent backlash and departure of business partners has been swift as the Food Network, Target, Wal-Mart, Caesars Entertainment, Home Depot and Smithfield Ham have already given notice that they are ceasing relationships with her and her company.

We live in a country where one can rise to extraordinary heights in their profession, but with all the accolades, wealth and fame also comes a high level of responsibility and accountability.  This week is certainly proving that out and stiff consequences are being levied.

But we also live in a country where individuals have an opportunity to redeem themselves and be forgiven.  Mistakes big and small will be made by everyone and how we own up to them and act in the future can be the truest measure of a person's character.

Our hope is that lessons are being learned by those involved in this situation and those that are watching from afar and that all fully understand words are powerful, words can lift up, words can break down and ultimately - words matter.

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