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Protection from a home invasion: Steps to take

  • Do not open the door without question at the sound of a knock.

  • Use the door peephole before opening the door.  If you do not have a peephole, have one installed.

  • If you are not expecting a package, delivery, or service call do not answer the door.  Insist that the deliverer provide you with verbal verification of his employment and call the company to confirm that the deliverer's impromptu visit is legitimate.  Your front door should remain closed and locked!

  • Never rely on a chain-latch as a barrier to partially open the door; a home invader will kick the door.

  • A solid core door, strong locks with reinforced strike plates, and reinforced window devices will help to stop most forced entries.

  • Keep doors, garage doors and windows locked at all times, even when you are home.

  • Keep porches and all entrances well lit, i.e., driveways, garages and alleys. Check bulbs regularly.

  • Arm your security system even when you are home.  This is a common mistake homeowners make and home invasion robbers know it.

  • Add panic buttons to your security system and place them around your home so you can alert the proper authorities from any location in your home.

  • Call the police if you see a stranger acting suspiciously.

  • Alert your neighbors to suspicious solicitors.

  • Hold a family meeting to discuss home security plans. The best defense against home invasion is education and planning.

  • Consider building or designing a safe room inside your home to allow your family to retreat or escape potential violence while giving them valuable time to call the police.

  • Adopt a loud dog. Notice that is "loud", not necessarily a "big" dog. Most burglars will avoid a home where they believe a noisy animal could cause them to be noticed.

  • Protection warning signs. Let those who may want to break into your home think you have a security system, even if you don't.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed and your newspapers and mail from piling up. Potential burglars could use these as an outward sign that your home could be a good target.


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