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Protestors say NSA violating Fourth Amendment rights

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Thursday was not only a day of celebration in Kansas City, it was also a day of protest.

A group called Restore the Fourth took to the streets of the River Market Thursday afternoon. The group said what the National Security Agency is doing with phone taping and other surveillance is wrong.

"Hey, hey NSA, how many phones did you tap today?" the group chanted.

It's a message being sent loud and clear.

"You gotta fight for your right to privacy," the chants continued.

Thursday protestors were getting the word out on what they call a violation of the Fourth Amendment, the public's right to privacy. They said the NSA is illegally taping everyday people's phones and emails and it's got to stop.

"A lot of people don't understand that what the government is doing is a breach of our basic rights put forth by the Constitution," said Kat Amundson, the Restore the Fourth local organizer.

The group was just one of several other protests going on all over the country claiming the NSA is violating the public's rights to privacy.

"Phone taping, keeping of emails, certain websites will forward your information to the NSA as well as internet histories, text records," Amundson said.

The group said there is room for the government to take a closer look at our private lives, as long as they do it legally with a warrant and don't violate the Fourth Amendment.

"The Fourth Amendment states that we should be secure in ourselves and our homes, cars, whatever, unless there is probable cause or a warrant," Amundson said.

The group said privacy is the right of every American and what better day to get the word out about that than on the celebration of the country's independence.

"It's to get people more aware of their rights, especially around the Fourth Amendment so that they are more apt to talk about it and think about it with their other friends," said Restore the Fourth participant John Glessner.

The group planned to protest in different locations all over downtown until 10 p.m. Thursday.

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