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Community gathers to support home invasion victims


It was less than a week ago that four people were tortured for hours at a Grandview home. Friday night the community did what it could to make sure the horrific crime never happens again.

Usually when Ad Hoc Group Against Crime holds a vigil, it is for a homicide, but the deeper issue is violence, and what happened in the Grandview home was certainly that.

"There are lives that are still here on this earth, and we thank you for that, God," the preacher at Friday's vigil said.

Those who gathered did so for four people caught up in an thinkable night of violence - a young man, his girlfriend, his father and his uncle.

"Something has to change. Change us that we might be able to get along with each other," the preacher continued.

The men were tied up in the kitchen and burned with hot oil while the woman was raped in the other room after at least three masked men broke in at 2 a.m. last Sunday.

The young man's wife, sister and aunts stood together as members of Ad Hoc pleaded for peace and information that could help police.

"It's not being a snitch. A snitch is somebody who is in prison who makes a deal to get a lesser time for a crime they committed for telling on somebody else. That's not what you're doing," said Desiree Jones with Ad Hoc Mothers in Charge.

"We got to stop saying, ‘Oh, I see the police coming through our neighborhood. We don't want to see them.' I'm glad to see police come through my neighborhood today because I feel safe. I feel safe," said Rosalyn Temple with Ad Hoc Mothers in Charge.

Those who experienced the violence in the home may never feel safe. But family member Pamela Sims held her camera high hoping to at least bring some comfort to them.

"The people that's in the hospital: that's why I was videotaping it so I could take it back and show them how much love is out there for them," Sims said.

The two older men, 50 and 57 years old, are still in the hospital.

Family members said it will be weeks before they can be released.

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