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New Kansas City company up for Wall Street Journal award


There is a way to not only save time, but also money and the environment on anyone's next project.

The metro business helping people do it could be Wall Street Journal's next Startup Company of the Year.

Home improvement projects using reclaimed materials is a concept that's taken off since the economy took a hit.

"It's estimated that almost about 80 percent of all home improvement projects start online. There's a huge disconnect because re-use centers that are essentially thrift stores for building materials, they struggle to post things online," said Nathan Benjamin.

Benjamin's solution is

The new company, Planet Reuse Marketplace, makes it easier to find the reusable materials taken from demo sites and sold in re-use centers because it posts the materials online.

"There are reuse centers all across the U.S. that have great materials, but people have to drive to those locations to see them and find what they are looking for. Planet Reuse market place allows them to see used building materials all online before having to drive from location to location all over town," Benjamin said.

People can search for unique, economical deals for their remodels right from their computer.

"A reuse center, using our mobile app, can put a QR code on an item, scan the item and ultimately upload it to the website by entering a few fields of information," he said.

The idea stems from the original company, Planet Reuse, which connects contractors and architects with salvaged goods from all over the country. The business is one of 24 other start-up companies competing to become the Wall Street Journal's Startup Company of the Year.

"Go to the site, cast your vote and help us become startup company of the year," Benjamin said.

Winning would mean more exposure and could divert the treasures now found at reuse sites from piling up landfills.

"It's estimated that 80 percent of those materials can be reused, so allowing people additional reuse opportunities and making it as easy to reuse stuff as it is to buy new is our overall mission at Planet Reuse," Benjamin said.

The company's goal is to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills from demolitions sites from 40 percent to 30 percent by 2020.

Click here to vote for and learn more about Planet Reuse.

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