Editorial: "Montgomery's a Real Success"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Some good news for Central Alabama homeowners according to the Alabama Center for Real Estate, residential home sales in the Montgomery area continue to lead all of Alabama's major metro markets. As a matter of fact, Montgomery experienced an increase in home sales of 21% in May compared to sales in May of last year.

One of the leading contributors to this growth is Montgomery's housing affordability index, which by the way, also leads all of Alabama's major metro markets. The higher the index above 100 (Montgomery's is 286.0) the more affordable the housing.

In light of the focus on the crime in our area this year the positive attributes (downtown revitalization, park enhancements, civic events, job creation, visioning for the future) our city has done a better job than any other in Alabama to create value for families.

This value is translating into higher home values that don't come without more positives going on in a community than negatives. We congratulate and thank all that have done their part to make Montgomery a great place to live.

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