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Community help sought following vandalism at Liberty park

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Neighbors in Liberty are fired up after someone vandalized their park.

Westboro Canterbury Greenway is about 42 acres wide and a place for many to come and walk, jog and enjoy the scenery, but this week some of that scenery was destroyed.

Vandals deliberately cut down four trees, planted two years ago by volunteers.

"It is really disappointing when you have all this volunteers effort that seems to go to waste," said Janet Snook, director of Liberty Parks and Recreation.

Snook said it will cost the city about $250 to replace each damaged tree.

"It doesn't make the community look good or the neighborhood look good,"said Mike Smith, who is upset about vandalism.

Smith doesn't understand the motivation for the vandalism.

"It is a shame that somebody would do that to the park, whether it is kids of whomever it might be. It cost the city money to replace those trees," he said.

However, this isn't the first time Westboro Canterbury Greenway has been vandalized.

A few weeks ago, someone set fire to a piece of playground equipment and etched a name in another.

Visitors can also still see an outline of graffiti on a beige plastic wall. Snook said this needs to stop and is appealing to the public.

"Neighbors who live close by, people who are using the park can help us out by being our eyes and ears," Snook said.

Snook also said it is impossible to know what time of day the vandalism happened because it is summer and school is out.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Liberty Police Department at (816) 439-4701.

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