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Nixon meets to discuss early childhood education

(Edwin Watson/KCTV) (Edwin Watson/KCTV)
(Edwin Watson/KCTV) (Edwin Watson/KCTV)

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon made a trip to the Kansas City metro Thursday morning with the goal of discussing early childhood education.

Kansas City has formed an early childhood education commission and their goal Thursday was to demonstrate to Nixon that they are making strides toward helping children succeed in school and beyond.

He heard about the efforts underway to expand pre-kindergarten education, such as the adjusted start date at which students can enroll in kindergarten to allow more time for preparation. Plus, the opening of three early learning community schools for the 2014-15 school year.

As Nixon spoke after the morning's presentation, it was clear he understands how critical early learning is.

"A lot of indicators around the time of third grade kind of show in an education perspective real markers for how successful folks are going to be as far as education. And quite frankly, the more and more studies that are done, preschool and making sure kids are ready to learn and are moving forward by the time they get to kindergarten is a vital part of that and Kansas City, quite frankly, has been a leader. So we know it works and we're going to continue to try to invest additional resources there," he said.

Nixon promised to continue to invest additional resources toward these efforts, partly by offering $10 million in competitive grant money for facilities that accomplish this goal. Those grant winners will be announced next month.

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