Editorial: "Finish it Out"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In the last couple weeks we've had two high profile elected officials resign their positions as they will be pursuing other opportunities.  Outside of elected officials, I think most people would support this and would be happy to wish anyone well in their new endeavor.  However, I'm having a hard time with elected officials that asked for our vote and won deciding to depart their office early for any reason other than serious health issues or ethics violations.

Number one, you knew going in what the term of service was and should have been 100% committed to completing the term fully.  And number two, you have competing candidates that didn't win because of the promises and plans made by you on the campaign trail.  Certainly no guarantee, but these non-winning candidates could have very well been individuals who would have completed their terms.

Now what we are left with is gubernatorial appointments and special elections, which are both financial and time drains and shouldn't be needed in the first place if everyone stuck to the plan.

So the point is this as we head into another election year, we voters would appreciate it if those currently in office and those candidates preparing to run would all recommit and commit to completing your term of service so we are confident that our votes will be cast for the candidate that is prepared to finish it out.

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