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Bridge closing impacts West Bottoms businesses

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Construction on the 12th Street bridge is underway, and it is just one more headache for those working in the West Bottoms.

Business owners say the construction is directly impacting their businesses, during what should be their most profitable time of the year.

The closed roads and detours are making it tougher for people to find their way into stores, like Sit on It - A Chair Gallery on Union Street, and they're looking for help.

"More detour signs and more communication with the general public about how to get down to all areas of the West Bottoms," said Richelle Plett, owner of Sit on It - A Chair Gallery. "I used to have between five to seven people walk through on a day to come stop in and see the store, now I have maybe one to two a week walk through."

No one is complaining about the end goal of overhauling the long, outdated sewer system, set to be done by Aug. 1.

"The improvements ... we're going to have new sidewalks, curbs, asphalt.  We will have one of the better looking blocks," said William Jordan, owner of West Bottoms Antiques and Collectibles.

But with the 12th Street bridge now down until September, it is just one more challenge forcing people to find the back roads into the West Bottoms.

"You might want to Google it beforehand and look at the map and get an idea.  That is part of the adventure coming down here, everyone's got their maps out, it is a little adventure as they navigate through the West Bottoms," Jordan said.

People at Lucky Dog Vintage are taking that challenge and trying to have some fun with it.

"We do give away free dust.  It is antique dust right now, from the streets that have been buried for a while," said Jaylene Moss, owner of Lucky Dog Vintage.

After all, shoppers coming to the West Bottom's vintage shops are looking for that diamond in the rough.

"What treasure they'll find in something that's old," Moss said.

And that is the story of the West Bottoms themselves - going through a little more dust and dirt before the whole area can shine brighter. 

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