No end in sight for Zimmerman, school year almost here - Montgomery Alabama news.

No end in sight for Zimmerman, school year just around the corner - more at 6:00!


The trial is over, but the attention focused on George Zimmerman shows no end in sight. Groups gathered across the country today to protest the Florida jury's "not guilty" decision and beg for "Justice for Trayvon." One such protest was held in Birmingham. Coming up on WSFA 12 News at 5:00 and 6:00, hear from some of those protestors and find out what locals are saying about the verdict.

Parents of students in Montgomery schools that were named on the Failing Schools List should be getting their letter in the mail soon - but few options are available when it comes to transferring to private schools. Only three Alabama private schools, and one in the WSFA 12 News viewing area, have stepped forward saying they're welcoming those transfer students. If you're expecting one of those letters in the mail, Melissa McKinney has a story you can't miss coming up at 6:00.

And - today marks the beginning of the AHSAA All Stars Sports Week, tomorrow kicks of the SEC Media Days. That means the high school and college football seasons are right around the corner. Hear the latest from Jeff Shearer coming up at 6:00.

All that plus more local headlines and weather tonight on WSFA 12 News!

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