What To Do To Protect Your Home From A Hurricane

So what should you be going to protect your home as Hurricane Ivan approaches? While we may not be on the coast, our area could still see dangerously high winds and a large amount of rain.

Montgomery area home improvement stores have been busy over the last few days. WSFA 12's Eileen Jones talked to the workers at Home Depot who recommended 1/2 inch decking to put over the windows of your house, if you determine you need to do so.

Dale Wingard says, "Before buying the 1/2 inch wood you first have to measure your windows. If it was brick, the brick would be protruding out here you would have to make sure the measurements you gave us or had someone cut for you was inside enough that you would have clearance to put that piece inside. Otherwise you just measure from one end of the white molding to the other end of the white molding."

Wingard says now that you have the wood that you need, the next step is getting the right screws to use. He says the correct screws are "one and one fourth inch."

If you live in a low lying area, you may also need some plastic. "If you had a house that was built on a low lot. A lot of times water would puddle against your door. This would be excellent to put at the base of your door do it on the outside. It is easy to do."

Other suggestions are to get a chain saw to cut any weak or already broken limbs from trees. And, buying some propane for portable gas grills which will enable you to cook outside, because even if you have a gas stove you should not cook inside unless you electricity to run fan or an exhaust which would prevent any carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some other things you can do to prepare include: making sure you have a flashlight, and plenty of batteries, have plenty of water, that includes stocking up on water in a bath tub and jugs. You should also have plenty of non perishable food items.

Do not forget to gas up your car, and keep it here on WSFA12 News for the latest watches and warnings.