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Man warns of fake call claiming to be police dept. seeking money for tickets


Jim King got the call over the weekend, a man identifying himself as a Prattville police officer who had an urgent message for him.

"He said there was an arrest warrant out for me because I had an unpaid traffic ticket," King explained.

The man on the phone told King he needed to get a Green Dot card or a reloadable credit card and pay off the speeding ticket. King was then instructed to call back with the card number.

Luckily for King the suspect made two mistakes; One, King said he hadn't received a speeding ticket, and two, the suspected con man left a 205 area code number for King to call back on. That area code does not cover Prattville.

"I knew something was up then. I told him I could just go down to the police department and pay it. But he claimed that 'department was closed," King recalled.

Prattville police say so far they've received one report related to this suspect and another call involving another scam.

Capt. Diane Hamm says a resident fell for the 'Publisher's Clearinghouse' trap and sent in nearly $400.

"Some of this is due to the economy, but you have people who do this for a living. This is what they do," said Hamm.

Capt. Hamm says the old adage is true; if in doubt report it to the police, like King did. Hamm says in most cases if even they do make an arrest it is highly unlikely the victims would ever get their money back.

So far no one's been arrested in either case. King says he became angry once he realized what the deal was but considered the fact he actually beat the man at his own game.

Jim King walked away without sending in a dime.

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