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Domestic violence experts concerned about number of Montgomery homicides

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At least five homicides this year in Montgomery involved people with some sort of domestic relationship, either husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Those who work with domestic violence victims say the number of homicides - involving people of both genders - has them concerned.

The latest domestic homicide happened late Friday night. Police believe 23-year old Terrance Phillips shot and killed his wife. 24 year old Tabia Woolfork Phillips then shot himself.

"They had a dispute within the house," one neighbor said.

It was the fifth such incident such this year according to a WSFA 12 News analysis. Three homicides involved a husband killing a wife - one case involved a Marine who was part of a love triangle.  A homicide on July 17 involved a girlfriend killing a boyfriend.  In still another, police said a wife beat her husband to death with a broom.

The Family Sunshine Center said none of the victims had reached out to them for help.

Counselors there can check for warning signs that could signal abuse could become lethal.

"We have them plot on a calendar how many times they've been abused in the past month," said Melanie Beasley, Director of Family Sunshine Center. "What degree that abuse was, and things like substance use in the home, if there's a weapon available."

Beasley said domestic violence victims of either gender should not wait to seek to help.

"Call and talk to somebody," Beasley said. "And I'm sure it's the same thing as with women, sometimes you don't see yourself as a victim until somebody goes through a check list with you. And says these things are happening to me, so maybe I am a victim."

If you or someone know needs help, you can call the Family Sunshine Center at 1-800-650-6522.

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