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Aspiring filmmaker finds passion through disability

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Even though his feet and hands are shaking, Joseph Barnhart isn't nervous about premiering the trailer of his first film.

Barnhart was diagnosed with a rare condition kept him from working in the peanut field with his father.

"It's a nerve condition where the nerves, that I'm not able to control all the time," Barnhart said.  

While Barnhart's disability prevents him from doing many things, he found a way to help with the family business.

"My mom said, 'Work with what you have,'" Barnhart said. 

What he has is a camera. And he's using it to produce "Growing Peanut Butter," a documentary on the production of peanuts.

"Seeing as it's a very important subject to the state, $2 billion in extra revenue, it affects a lot of people," Barnhart said. 

Georgia produces half of the peanuts in the US, more than 50,000 Georgians are employed in the peanut industry, and peanuts account for 20 percent of the state's agricultural income; information some say more people should know.

"The average person now just does not understand anything about where the food comes from," said Sid Mullis, Richmond County extension agent. "You know, they think you walk in the grocery store, and its been trucked in from wherever. You know, it's like where does milk and peanuts and peanut butter come from? So I think it's great to try to educate the public, particularly the youth, about why agriculture is so important."

Which is the message Barnhart is trying to deliver through his film. Now, he's raising money for production; hoping to keep his cameras rolling, and shed light on an issue close to his heart and home.!/pages/Growing-Peanut-Butter-An-Original-Documentary/239933442734519

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