Dallas Co. man gives up hope of finding lost wife of 58 years

Alex George says he no longer believes that his wife of 58 years is alive.
Alex George says he no longer believes that his wife of 58 years is alive.

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Alex George sits infront of his home in Beloit and remembers, looking back on the times he and hiswife traveled together and went fishing.

It was one year agotoday when Adline George turned up missing.

"I didn't take herfishing anymore because she came down with Alzheimer's and I was afraid shewould fall into the river," said George.

Adline George was 90.Even though she did have a touch of dementia, the family says it was notunusual for Mrs. George to take her daily two-mile walk near her home. Thistime though Mrs. George didn't come back.

"I'm doing okay. Ijust trust in the Lord," said Mr. George.

Law enforcement spent 4days searching using tracking dogs and a helicopter without a trace, and stillnothing one year later.

"When it happend wecalled out everybody we could think of it," said Dallas County SheriffHarris Huffman.

While other familymembers haven't given up hope, Mr. George says he has. He decided to let go 6months after his wife of 58 years disappeared. George says he just had a senseAdline was gone.

In fact, George feels acrime took place.

"I think someonepicked her up. I think they were looking for money on her," said George.

George says he iscertain his wife didn't have any money with when she left.

Sheriff Huffman isn't sosure.

"Everything wechecked out was void. We checked out phone records, bank accounts andinterviewed numerous people here at the sheriff's department and out in thefield," said Huffman.

Mrs. George is listed as5'2" and was last seen wearing green sweatpants and a light green shirt.

For now Alex Georgelives out his quiet life in rural Dallas County in the Beloit community. Georgestill has a lot of unaswered questions but sadly feels the main one has alreadybeen answered.

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